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Employees who shake hands, disregard COVID-19 preventive measures face up to 10-day salary reduction

The Federal Authority for Human Resources (FAHR) has announced that government employees face penalties of up to three-day salary cut if they disregard the rules on the country’s preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Authorities reminded all ministries and federal government offices to adhere to all circulars and instructions to help curb the spread of the virus.

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Federal government agencies were also asked to help raise awareness towards their employees on the importance of social distancing as instructed on the manual to maintain a healthy work environment when they head to work at the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The circular stipulates that the HR department should strictly implement the manual’s instructions when facing issues with employees who violate COVID-19 regulations in line with the federal human resources law.

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Employees will be fined for shaking hands, not wearing a face mask, failing to declare their health status when they show COVID-19 symptoms, failure to do PCR test when required, and for exceeding the maximum allowance on the number of persons in gatherings.

Here are the guidelines as per a report from Gulf News:

Shaking hands:

First and second offense: Written warning
Third offense: One-day basic salary reduction

Social distancing / Not wearing face mask:

First offense: Written warning
Second offense: One-day basic salary reduction
Third offense: Three-day basic salary reduction

COVID-19 positive individual who attends the workplace; concealing COVID-19 results from their direct supervisor, manager, or colleagues:

First offense: 10-day basic salary reduction (maximum penalty)

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