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Taste authentic sauces, condiments from from Korea’s kitchens at WEMART

More and more Filipinos these days have started to enjoy the simple delights of having the ‘samgyupsal’ or grilled meats at the comforts of their homes.

And now, WEMART has made the experience more exciting and authentic as they have recently launched a new line up of products from Korea – their famous sauces and condiments!

Here’s a list of the top sauces you shouldn’t miss with prices starting from AED 6.30 onwards:

Toppoki Sauce. Famous for its application for Spicy Rice Cakes.

Japchae Sauce. This sauce will leave you a fusion of sweet and savory flavors.

Korean BBQ Galbi Sauce. Filipinos will enjoy a surprisingly sweet and mild flavor from its soy sauce base that caramelizes the taste.

Korean BBQ Bulgogi Sauce. This iconic BBQ sauce from Korea is a mix of slightly salty, mildly sweet with an accent of nuts and sesame seeds.

Hot Pepper Sauce. Love hot stuff? This sauce gets its spiciness from the amounts of black pepper infused in the sauce.

Black Bean Paste. Your palate will experience strong flavors, fusing spicy, sweet, and savory at the same time.

Kimchi Hot Sauce. Fans of kimchi will enjoy this sauce that you now just have to apply for your favorite fresh vegetables.

Gyoza Sauce. A simple yet striking dip of a soy sauce variant, perfect for your dumpling.

Sweet Chili Sauce. Perhaps the most popular of the bunch, this fuses a sweet sauce packed with bits of red chili, fusing spices with a flowing sauce that leaves a silky smooth feel to the palate.

Peanut Rice Paper Roll Sauce. This dipping sauce packs crunchy crushed peanuts with a balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Stir Fried kimchi. This variant of the kimchi will provide you with a more sour taste with a tinge of spice.

Napa Cabbage Kimchi. If you’re a fan of cabbages in your kimchi, this should be your go-to product for that spicy and sour appetizer.

Wasabi Sauce. No questions asked – if you’re a fan of everything spicy, this sauce will definitely increase your appetite for even more!

Visit your nearest WEMART branch to enjoy shopping for all of these items as well as more discounted goods that WEMART provides for all of their customers. Shoppers who wish to stay home can also order their goods through the WEMART App.

Search @WEMARTuae on Facebook and Instagram to access more exciting offers from WEMART Hypermarket.

WEMART Hypermarket – Clock Tower

Contact Numbers: 04 235 9002 / 055 942 7519

WEMART is also available through the following branches:

WEMART Supermarket – Baniyas Branch

Contact Numbers: 04 227 0567 / 052 460 3357

WEMART Supermarket – International City

Contact Numbers: 055 665 9899 / 055 020 32168

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