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Treat yourself with sushis, takoyakis and everything Japanese at Dubai’s Kimura-Ya

Japan is known as the land of the rising sun with its technologically advanced cityscapes and of course, as the land of origin of sushis and many other delicacies of the Far East.

And now Kimura-Ya, a restaurant located at Business Bay in Dubai, is bringing a part of that authentic Japanese experience with their cuisine selections that will surely delight the palates of their diners with freshly-prepared delicacies created by their trained and talented chefs, led by Mr. Mogi Takahiro, a young yet successful Japanese national who has brought his country’s roots of creating traditional dishes from the Far East to Dubai’s tables.

Most of Mr. Takahiro’s employees are Filipino Nationals – and all of them have testified that Takahiro has been a good friend and a companion since he treats all of them like a sibling by heart. Since Japanese and Filipinos have huge similarities on their culture of hospitality, Mr. Takahiro has always been grateful for working with Filipinos and has traveled to the Philippines and loved the experience as well.

Through a simple gesture of kindness and to show how grateful he is with the Filipino Nationals in Dubai, he has shown his gratitude by providing a huge discount with an unlimited offer of Australian Wagyu Beef Hotpot. Previously, it had a regular price of AED170 per person – but Filipino Nationals in Dubai, can enjoy this for only AED 50 until the end of November 2020 from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm during weekdays. Reservations are required during weekends for the same promotion that lasts from 12:00 nn to 5:00 pm.

Apart from their unlimited offerings, Kimura-Ya’s also has several must-try, specialty dishes. The best part? Filipinos dining at Kimura-Ya can enjoy up to 50% off on discounts during weekdays by simply sharing this story from The Filipino Times on their Facebook or Instagram posts! Just show your server that you are availing the promo and have posted it on your wall. Here’s an overview of Kimura-ya’s a la carte selections:

Wagyu Cheese Sushi Roll – A definite must-try at Kimura-Ya is their selection of sushi rolls. Their Wagyu Cheese fuses the premium taste of Wagyu Beef together with melted creamy cheese that give a savory taste with each serving.

Salmon Sushi Roll – The UAE is surrounded with waters that provide a steady stream of the freshest Salmon you can find in the Middle East. Combine that with expert chefs from the Far East and you’ll be treated to a delightful taste of Japan’s Salmon Sushi Roll that combines freshly filled salmon with a sushi that’s filled and packed with delicious ingredients

Dragon Roll – Kimura-ya’s Dragon Roll mixes in the flavors of the seas and the lands including salmon, tuna, cucumber, avocado, shiracha, mayo, tobiko, spring onion and mayo. Each bite gives out the best bountiful freshness of each ingredient that blends smoothly in your mouth.

Yakitori Tare – With six kinds of yakitori sauce at the diner’s disposal, Kimura-ya’s Yakitori Tare is a must-try for those who want to enjoy Japan’s grilled chicken delight.

Osaka Takoyaki – While Takoyakis are wildly popular among most Japanese stands and restaurants, it takes that unique technique of preparation and the right mix of ingredients that you can only taste with Kimura-ya’s Osaka West Japanese style Osaka Takoyaki. Each bite mixes the umami from the octopus together with the sauce and flavorful ingredients just add in to the overall experience.

Karaage – Fancy Japan’s iconic deep fried chicken? Kimura-ya’s Karaage serves up juicy, tender chicken pieces with a crunch exterior, perfect to pair up with any of their sushis or with  a generous serving of rice.

Chicken Nanban – If you prefer boneless chicken breast, Kimura-ya’s Chicken Nanban serves up several pieces of filleted chicken with tartar sauce on top. Diners can taste the firm, juicy chicken with a mix of semi-sour and savory sauce on top that gives it another dimension of flavor.

Kimura-ya is located at The Oberoi Centre at Al A’amal St. Business Bay in Dubai from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. For bookings, call 04 444 1455.

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