WATCH: How COVID-19 damages the lungs of positive patients

How does the lung of a patient who’s positive with the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) look like?
The George Washington University Hospital shared the 3D image of the lungs and how it is being attacked by the virus in a podcast published on their Facebook page on March 24. 
Dr. Keith Mortman, Chief of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at the said hospital, explained that the video could show how it can bring severe damage to the lung tissues and warned that the virus does not select any particular age group.
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The hospital was the first in the US to use Surgical Theater virtual reality technology for lung patients. They have been using this for four years to also help in patient education. 
Dr. Mortman explained that according to their study, it starts off as a viral infection and becomes a severe inflammation in the lungs. 
“When that inflammation does not subside with time, then it becomes eventually scarring the lungs creating long-term damage. It could impact anybody’s ability to breathe in the long-term,” he said in the podcast. 
Meanwhile, the thoracic surgeon warned young people that they too are potentially at risk and not totally spared from contracting COVID-19. 
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They may even considered a carrier because some young patients who were reported positive of COVID-19 were mostly asymptomatic. 
Dr. Mortman advised the younger populace to not be complacent with their own health. 
He also added that people should take hygiene and proper hand washing and social distancing more seriously. 
Watch the video here:

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