INFOGRAPHICS: What you should know about the 'National Disinfection Programme'

In light of the upcoming three-day ‘National Disinfection Programme’ Dubai Police has issued a reminder to the public about what to expect during the three-day sterilization drive.

In a post on their official Instagram account, Dubai Police stated that all modes of transport such as the Dubai Metro, public buses and taxis, as well as all public utilities will be thoroughly disinfected during the following days and timings:
Day 1:
March 26 (Thursday) 8:00 pm to March 27 (Friday) 6:00 am
Day 2:
March 27 (Friday) 8:00 pm to March 28 (Saturday) 6:00 am
Day 3:
March 28 (Saturday) 8:00 pm to March 29 (Sunday) 6:00 am

Apart from this, the public will be strongly advised to stay home as they will restricted to move around when the sterilization drive begins during the aforementioned timings.
The public will only be allowed to go out for the following reasons:
– Getting medical aid
– Purchasing medicine
– Purchasing food supplies
Authorities assure the public that all modes of transport will operate normally during the daytime.
The only exemption from these rules are employees whose work fall under ‘vital sectors’ including:
Banking & Financial Services
Civil Aviation
Government Media
Law Enforcement
Postal Service
Service Sectors: Construction
Service Sectors: Petrol Stations
Shipping and Logistics
All employees who fall under the aforementioned categories will be required to present their IDs. Authorities will check and verify their identities before they are allowed to proceed.

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