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Filipino teen gets ‘iShadow’ gift for moving up ceremony

Most expats and other nationalities say Asian moms, especially Filipino mothers, raise their children as upright and disciplined ‘cubs’ thereby earning the term ‘Tiger moms’. But every once in a while, these same mothers also show how they affectionately care for their children, in quite creative ways.
In the case of Heart Ortega Dimakiling, her mother gave her a simple gift that made her equal parts exhilarated and surprised.
“Moving up gift ni mama. Kala ko iphone na eye shadow lang pala,” said Heart in her Facebook post.

Heart’s mom creatively wrapped and transformed a regular eyeshadow make up within an iPhone case thus creating an ‘iShadow’. “may charger pa,” adds Heart.

Heart has recently “moved up” – as one of the thousands of graduates of Grade 10. – akin to ceremonies held for those who have completed their kindergarten years. Moving up is a ceremony held as part of the memorandum from the Philippines’ Department of Education released earlier this March.
After receiving and opening her gift, Heart’s mom followed up with a simple and heartfelt message that struck the young Filipina teen. “happy april fools and congrats kase nakapagmoving up ka hat,” said Heart’s mom.
The post, which has since gone viral on Facebook, has more than 15k reactions and comments combined, plus another 13k for Facebook shares.

Here’s Heart’s post on Facebook:


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