VIRAL: Senior high school students’ flawless rendition of Chicago hit

Many say that Filipinos are natural-born singers and a group of senior high school students have proven that with their impressive acoustic rendition of a classic song.

As seen in a video uploaded by Endricito Cahutay, two students were singing the lyrics to the 1984 Chicago hit “You’re the Inspiration”.

Every note they sang was flawless causing netizens to give them their approval.

In a report by GMA News, the students were identified as Fred Carl Sales, Jemrel Martin, John Gonzaga, Mc Lester and Jerome Yabut.

While the boys entertained a lot of people, they also have their fair share of hardships in life.

Martin, the group’s lead vocalist, was forced to stop studying after his father died.

Meanwhile, two other members work part-time jobs to help their respective mothers who raise them on their own.

Watch their video below.

You're the inspiration Covered by Jammers Session Band#MIST-SHS STUDENTS

Posted by Endricito Cahutay on Thursday, March 7, 2019


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