Savor the flavors of Asian cuisine with Chowking’s Oriental Choices

Filipino tastes in food might vary from person to person – but it takes that secret recipe ingredient to match the palates of the masses. With Chowking’s latest concept of Oriental Choices, customers can now enjoy a variety of Asian selections with their enhanced and improved flavors like never before. Here are the suggested items for you to have a taste:

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Chicken Thai Red Curry

Fancy savoring a viand that gives that spicy kick? Chowking’s Chicken Thai Red Curry brings Thai cuisine to the forefront as it will match your cravings of delicious, tender chicken soaked in a flavorful curry mix that’s spiced up just enough for you to enjoy it with several cups of rice!

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Beef Bulgogi

If you fancy enjoying a beef dish with semi-sweet, semi-salty fusion of flavor, Chowking’s Beef Bulgogi will definitely suit your palate. Korea’s signature dish serves several tender and juicy pieces of beef with a glazed in a special sauce that oozes with beef umami inside and out.

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Stir-Fry Prawns in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Catch the freshness of the sea’s wild prawns in this classic dish! Combining thoroughly stir-fried prawns with Chowking’s signature Sweet and Sour sauce, this dish will definitely be enjoyed by the whole family as its flavors fill your mouth with a satisfying taste of what the sea has to offer.

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Mixed Vegetables & Tofu in Szechwan Sauce

Chowking also has a new offering for those who are living healthier lives – their latest option for health-conscious individuals and families is their Mixed Vegetables & Tofu in Szechwan Sauce which highlights the sauce from the lands of China. With its signature spicy kick, diners will get to enjoy their favorite mix of vegetables with an improved dimension of flavor.

Chowking is available across the UAE – with more than 20 branches across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.

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