Balikbayan Box 101: A fool proof guide to send your balikbayan boxes without any hassle

One of the OFW’s highlights that will make you say “OFW na talaga ako!” (I’m an OFW for real now) is that moment when you send your first balikbayan box home. TFT Lifestyle TV goes through the entire process step-by-step with LBC to ensure that you’ll find it easy to send yours home, from selecting the box to counting the number of days till your loved ones receive it.

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Select the size of your Balikbayan Box

Medium, Large, or Extra Large? These are your three choices when you go to LBC – it is highly recommended for you to think about the quantity and volume of materials that you will be sending home.

As part of LBC’s 30th year here in the UAE, they’re introducing their Anniversary Box worth Dh. 36.75 inclusive of 5% VAT. It will cost Dh 239 to send it anywhere in the Philippines. The promo will last until July 31, 2018.

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Securing the bottom part of your box

Once you get your own balikbayan box, the next step will be to make sure that the bottom part of the box is held secure. It is advised to put several layers of packaging tape. Make sure that the balikbayan box is in great shape and form before putting anything in it.

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Placing the contents

Before you put anything on your balikbayan box, be sure to place a material to protect the contents further like bubble wraps. LBC’s Anniversary Box comes with a water-resistant security foil – a special protective layer which enhances the safety of its contents.

Here are the suggested tips for putting your Balikbayan Box contents:

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– Put the heaviest items on the bottom. You may also put clothes, blankets, and other fabrics at the bottom to serve as an added cushion for the other items.

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– Seal all liquid items properly with a tape or place them in a sealed container to avoid any kind of leakage.

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– Put bubble wrap or paper for fragile items and make sure that all sharp objects you’ll put inside the box are padded properly as well.

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– If there’s still space at the top of your balikbayan box after putting all of your items, it is highly advised for you to put paper or Styrofoam peanuts before you close it.

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Sealing and securing the top part of your box

Once you have filled your balikbayan box to the brim with all of the items you wish to send back home, you should seal the box by first securing the items inside and then sealing the top part of your box with several layers of packaging tape, similar to how you did it for the bottom part of the box.

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Label with complete details

Be sure that you place the complete details of the person – her/his name and their exact location so that you’re sure that the box reaches the intended destination. LBC’s boxes have a side to put such details, though it won’t hurt to copy all of those details in a clean sheet of paper and put it on the other side as well just as an added measure.

You should also fill out LBC’s inventory list that declares all of the goods you placed inside the balikbayan box.

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Book your Balikbayan Box with a trusted cargo service

The next step will be to book your own box to a trusted cargo service. LBC presents their clients options to have this done either by calling 800-522-111 or by booking it online through lbc.filipinotimes.net. Their competent pick up team will not only get your balikbayan box for sending, they will also ensure that it’s packaged neatly and securely.

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Tracking your box and counting the days

For sea cargo, it usually takes 40-60 days until the box reaches its destination, door-to-door. LBC has their very own system that allows you to track where your box is online – you can then share the information with your recipient so that they too can track where the box is and know when they will receive it.

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