PART 3: Pinay receives unexpected gifts from her employers in Dubai


April might not have won the title, but she considers herself a winner who is extremely blessed for having such kind and generous employers.

april5 1

Sara and Michael before, April’s wards

april7 1

Sara and Michael before, April’s wards

april3 1

Recent photo of April with Michael (The Filipino Times)

april6 1

Recent photo of April with Sara (The Filipino Times)

April still plans to pursue her dream to become a chef. Even if it has yet to come to true, the Horans are already excited to taste April’s first professionally cooked dish.

Just very recently, the Horans also extended their generosity to April’s relatives. She is scheduled to fly back to the Philippines soon to get her cousin and bring her to Dubai for work. Take note, all travel expenses were paid for by her employers.

She shared to TFT Online how much she wanted to tell her overwhelming gratitude….


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