Louis Vuitton launches face shields worth Php47,000+

Face masks and face shields have become a part of the daily norm for many individuals around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Louis Vuitton has embraced the trend to offer a luxurious face shield that is expected to cost $961 per piece or around Php47,000, as per reports from Vanity Fair.

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The shield is composed of Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogrammed strap that goes around the wearer’s head and a moveable shield which bears golden studs engraved with the LV logo.

What makes this face shield unique is that it can be flipped upwards to be worn as a peaked hat, and uses a transition lens technology that goes from clear to dark, to help protect the user depending on sunlight exposure levels.

Louis Vuitton is expected to release its PPE entry as part of its 2021 Cruise collection this coming October 30.

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