Darna actress Angel Locsin to play as Marvel’s Wave?

Actress Angel Locsin is the first choice to portray Wave, the new Filipina superhero in the  Marvel universe.

Leinil Yu, the Filipino artist who co-created and designed the Pinay superhero, already have one lady in mind to play the role of Wave, who has yet to formally make her comic book debut.

The revelation came after Locsin’s tweet about the artwork of Wave.

“I’m excited to learn more about this character! I [love] that her weapon of choice is a Kampilan, which is believed to be the sword Lapu-Lapu used to strike down Ferdinand Magellan. So, [thumbs up] for that! Regarding her costume, I wonder what’s the inspiration behind the design?”

A week later, Yu replied to Locsin’s tweet, much to the actress’ surpise.

“It’s a collaboration of ideas between me, greg and Marvel editorial. Would love to see you as Wave, Angel!” Yu tweeted on Tuesday.

Locsin is no stranger to playing superhero characters both in the movies and TV series. She was among the select few to play Darna.

Wave will be among the new “Agents of Atlas” that will debut in May this year. She will be accompanied by other new Marvel superheroes such as Aero and Sword Master from China in the new series “War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1” set in Asia .


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