Baste confined due to dengue for the second time

Child star Sebastian Benedict Granfon, more popularly known as Bae-by Baste, was hospitalized once again due to dengue.

This is the second time this year that the “Eat Bulaga” child star has been hospitalized due to dengue. In July, he was also confined because of the same reason.

Through an Instagram post, Bae-by Baste’s family gave an update on the health condition of the young host who recently got back to the Philippines from a vacation in Japan.

“Dong, be brave. Isipa na lang na idol kaayo ka sa lamok, na fan na fan nimo ang lamok, na they are dying to see and stick with you. Isipa na lang na every injection, you’ll get better. Get well soon anak. Let’s just offer and trust everything to Him, because no prayer goes unanswered,” his mother captioned the photo.

His “Eat Bulaga” co-host and good friend Alden Richards also did not forget to visit Bae-by Baste at the hospital.

Bae-by Baste’s mother uploaded a series of photos on Instagram with the caption: “Bata pa lang po ako, habulin na talaga ako – habulin ng mga lamok. Mula noon, hanggang ngayon loyal sila sa akin”.


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