Kris Aquino reveals why she did not attend PH screenings of Crazy Rich Asians

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino took to Instagram to explain the reason behind her absence in all of the Philippine screenings of “Crazy Rich Asians”.

Aquino, who appeared on the film as the ‘snobbish’ Malay Princess Intan, said that she purposely skipped the screenings to avoid any possible bashing she might receive.

“I purposely chose to keep quiet and not even attend a single screening of CRA (Crazy Rich Asians) here in the Philippines because I didn’t want to be labeled epal,” Aquino said as a response to an Instagram post of a fast-food chain she endorses.

The fast-food chain then took down its Instagram post after Aquino commented on it.

Aquino also previously said that she chose to take a break from social media because she wanted to avoid being a “target of unnecessary stress and trolling.”

“I chose to not drumbeat the movie because it was more than enough for me to hear from friends and supporters, and read posts of people I don’t even know that the audience in cinemas would spontaneously applaud during my brief screen time,” Aquino said.

“In a country now dominated by hate, it is victory enough that I haven’t chosen to go as low as the purveyors of vitriol,” she added.


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