Pinay actress vents frustration over recruitment agencies scamming OFWs

“Cheats” singer Saab Magalona shared her anger over recruitment agencies upon knowing the story of her son’s current nanny who is a former overseas Filipina worker (OFW).

Magalona took to Twitter to share her experience after calling the nanny’s former recruitment agency to inquire about her passport, which was withheld from the former OFW for refusing to pay Php5,000 for her previous medical exam.

Magalona said the staff of the recruitment agency was “rude” and told her “‘Wag mo akong ine-English.”

The recruitment agency told Magalona that her nanny still needs Php3,350 for her medical exam, Php1,650 less than the original amount.

Magalona was in “anger and shock” since her nanny has already paid Php60,000 as placement fee, aside from the additional monthly payment of Php11,800 for 10 months.

“I can’t. We’ve been helping her with that loan cos wala na s’yang magagawa (she can’t do anything about it) she signed a contract but now that I spoke to the agency, they are really awful people,” said Magalona.

“Pancho’s yaya is an angel and I can’t believe they took advantage,” she added.

Magalona asked netizens for advice on what she should do to help her nanny. She also recognized that many overseas Filipino workers experienced being taken advantage of by recruitment agencies.

Magalona said she would contact the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to report the practices of her nanny’s recruitment agency.

Under the law

Republic Act No. 8042 or the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995 states that withholding of documents of applicants is one of the provisions of illegal recruitment.

Illegal recruitment is punishable by six to 12 years in prison and fine of up to Php500,000. POEA encourages the public to report cases of illegal recruitment for investigation.


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