Charot queen Ethel Booba answers Bb. Pilipinas questions

Ethel Booba is back at it again, spreading witty “Charot” tweets. This time she answered the questions that were asked to Binibining Pilipinas candidates during the pageant’s Q&A portion.

During the pageant night, the Twitterverse went nuts after Binibini 35 Sandra Lemonon candidly admitted that she doesn’t have an answer to the question directed at her.

Lemonon was asked to give her opinion about the current administration’s “Build Build Build” program.

In a nutshell, the said program aims to build new infrastructure to help improve the country. Lemonon, however, was left speechless so she simply said that she knows nothing about it.

“The insights of the government’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ program. Actually, I studied so much for this Q&A, but suddenly that’s something that I really don’t know much about. But, at least I’m here trying to answer a good question. Thank you!” she said.

Lemonon became an instant celebrity overnight because of her honest answer.

Vlogger and social media star Sebastian Castro asked the same question to Ethel on Twitter to which the latter wittily answered, “I think this program will bring back the golden age of infrastructure in our country. I hope they include all the imburnals so that no more kids like Aling Vicky’s will fall prey to those open sewers ever again. Charot!”

Ethel is referring to a funny viral video in the Philippines about a certain Aling Vicky whose child fell in a sewer.

Aside from the Build, Build, Build program, other Twitter users tweeted Ethel to answer other questions that were asked in the pageant.

A certain @ojie_j asked Ethel the question to Binibini 24 Edjelyn Joy Gamboa.

“If inner beauty is emphasized in beauty pageants, then why are there physical requirements upon joining it?” the netizen asked.

Ethel responded by tweeting: “Your inner beauty is what will help you acquire the crown and fulfill the duties that comes along with it whereas your outer appearance will be the one to help you overcome the auditions. Charot!”

Another netizen with the Twitter handle @iamPerfectMark asked Ethel the question to Binibini 21 Anjame Magbintang, which was “When is the right time to listen and when is the right time to speak?”

Ethel decided to answer the question from a political perspective and answered, “The best time to speak is when you already have all the details necessary to explain a certain issue. And the best time to listen is when someone is speaking. That’s why in Senate, they call it hearing and if you don’t know how to answer you can say “I invoke my right against self incrimination”. Charot!”

Ethel may not look like your typical beauty queen but her answers are enough to snatch any pageant title.

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