Siblings’ power tug-of-war in 2019 elections

The power tug-of-war is on for the two well-known names in politics— the Ejercito-Estradas and the Binays— as they eye for the same position in the 2019 national polls.

For the Ejercito-Estradas, Senator JV Ejercito aims to be reelected as senator when he submitted his certificate of candidacy (CoC) on Monday, Oct. 15.

The following day, his half-brother, Jinggoy Estrada, also submitted his CoC for the same position, joined by their father, former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

Ejercito earlier confessed that he feels bad toward his father for supporting Jinggoy’s bid for the Senate.

The rift in the Estrada clan is not the only sibling feud to wend its way into campaigning this year.

Binay siblings — Abby and Junjun — will also battle it out neck-to-neck for the Makati mayoral position.

Rivalries inside a political clan in the Philippines isn’t new. A similar scene was seen among the Villafuerte’s in Camarines Sur, the Tupas’ in Iloilo, and the Fontanilla’s in Bacnotan, La Union.

Now, the masses wonder, are these political rivalries real or merely orchestrated? Because in their tug-of-war for power, whoever wins between the siblings, is a victory for the whole political clan and their allies.

Photo credit: Philippine Star, Balitang San Juan

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