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Woman gets lost for 12 hours in Dubai airport

She was on her way to the United States from South Africa through a connecting flight in Dubai.

She was supposed to fly to Seattle but did not know how to speak English. The woman also had a high blood pressure and did not have money with her.

The Dubai Police had received a call from the woman’s daughter, informing them that they had lost contact with her mother.

After the airport staff were distributed with her photo, they found her in a restaurant in the Concourse A building 3.

Brigadier Mohammed Bin Dylan Al Mazrouei, Acting Director General of Dubai Airport Security, said they transferred her to the clinic to check on her health and provided her with food and drinks. It was later found out that the woman skipped the boarding gate.

The mother and daughter are thankful for the good treatment they received from the airport officers, Dubai Police, Civil Aviation and Emirates Airlines, reported Gulf Today.

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