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Here’s how much OFWs in Oman should earn per month, according to PH Embassy

The Philippine Embassy in Oman reminded hiring employers of the basic minimum pay for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Gulf state. .

In an advisory released by the Philippine Overseas Labour Office at the office of the Labour Attache, sponsors of OFWs in Oman are reminded that employed Filipino workers should earn at least OMR290 (approximately Php39,000), which includes their minimum pay and other monthly financial benefits.

“May we remind the sponsors/principal employers and foreign recruitment agencies (FRAs) of the basic rights due to all Filipino workers that are deployed in the Sultanate of Oman,” the advisory read.

Aside from minimum monthly pay, the advisory also listed the rights of OFWs in the Gulf state including the following.

1. Passports should be kept with the worker unless voluntary entrusted to persons or institution, preferably with FRAs.

2. Workers are entitled to a paid leave (day off/rest day) of one day per week.

3. Sponsors must pay a month basic salary of not less than USD400 or OMR160 for domestic workers, and more than OMR160 for skilled workers.

4. The sponsor must provide decent food or its equivalent of food allowance of not less than OMR30.

5. The sponsors must also provide a suitable and safe accommodation, or its equivalent accommodation allowance of not less than OMR80.

6. The sponsor must also provide free transportation from the worker’s accommodation to the worksite and vice versa, or an equivalent transportation allowance of not less than OMR20.

7. The sponsor must provide health and accident insurance of the worker valid throughout the period of the working visa/contract.

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