Duterte unveils Php200 billion 'social protection program' for Philippines' informal sector

The Philippines will soon be launching what President Rodrigo Duterte has coined as the nation’s largest and widest ‘social protection program’, amounting to Php200 billion for the sustenance of millions of Filipinos in the low-income bracket, who have been severely affected by the impact of the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.
In his late night address to the nation, President Duterte stated that one of the government’s key priorities is to provide emergency assistance to affected sectors. “Pinakamalaki itong tulong na ibibigay ng gobyerno sa mga mamamayan sa history natin. We have alloted Php200 billion for low income households who are badly affected by the current crisis. Sila ang nasa informal secto, those who live day to day or no work no pay,” said Duterte.
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The president assured the public that beneficiary households will receive two months’ worth of emergency support which will be based on the regional minimum wage.
Despite this huge help from the government, President Duterte still urged those ‘who have more in life’ to help aid their fellow Filipinos who are struggling with the economic effects of the spread of COVID-19.
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“To those who have more in life, I implore you to share in the cause of taking care of the less fortunate and keeping our society intact. They have also contributed to our prosperity in one way or the other, so let us support them in this crisis. Buksan natin ang ating puso sa nangangailangan,” said Duterte.
The president’s other measures include securing facilities and resources for the health sector, as well as performing fiscal and monitoring action and for the economy.

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