Filipina in UAE given visa to help her pay Dh190,000 debt

A 43-year old overstaying Filipina in the UAE was given the opportunity to start a new life after she was given a jobseeker visa to help her look for jobs to pay off her debt.

Fatma Abdulrahim Obaid, head of the Human Rights Section at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), said the Filipina was given a six-month jobseeker visa which would allow her to seek for jobs in the Gulf state, reported Khaleej Times.

The Filipina, who’s been for in the UAE fgor eight year, has been staying illegally in the UAE after her visa expired. On top of this, the Filipina is also jobless and faces a travel ban since she has not paid for the Dh190,000 bounced cheque which also landed her in jail.

Obaid said that the human rights department helped the Filipina in having her arrest warrant removed temporarily which allowed her to apply for a jobseeker visa to look for a job to pay the money.

During the first six months of the year, Obaid said that the human rights department has helped in more than 20 cases of workers with various concerns.


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