110-year-old resident of North Cotabato exercises right to vote

A 110-year-old resident of Midsayap, Cotabato was among the thousands of voters who practiced their right to suffrage during the barangay and SK elections today, May 14.

Salumayag Calunsing was one of the first few who casted their votes in the Datu Dimaudtang Dilangalen Elementary School in Barangay Tugal, reported ABS-CBN.

Calunsing’s granddaughter assisted the elderly man while voting.

The centenarian expressed hopes for peace in the barangay after a bomb exploded on Friday, May 11, in the same school where he casted his vote.

Police in the area are on high alert following the incident. All 184 barangays in North Cotabato had likewise been labeled as “areas of concern”.

There are 979,480 registered voters across 17 towns and one city in North Cotabato.

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