Sumibiya grills up unlimited Korean Barbecue dishes and delicacies

There’s nothing more satisfying than the smell of freshly cooked food that you have prepared yourself for your family or your barkada – which is why Filipinos enjoy restaurants such as Sumibiya at Radisson Blu Deira that allows you to enjoy unlimited Korean Barbecue grilling as well as its wide selection of Asian dishes! We got to try out their premium selection of meats, poultry, seafood and more and here’s our review of the food.

Ben Saurez
Ben Saurez, Restaurants Manager of Radisson Blu

The Ambiance

The moment you enter Sumibiya, you’ll be greeted by well-dressed and professional waiters and waitresses ready to guide you to your seats. The attendants are ready and well receptive of all of your orders. The surroundings are clean and very well-kept making it very relaxing and inviting to go and grab your selections of food.

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The Food

The aroma of the meat already invites the palates for a quick bite as soon as it sears on the pan for a few minutes – but be sure to cook it thoroughly first before you do so! Ben Suarez Hipolito, Restaurant Manager of Radisson Blu’s Sumibiya and the rest of the hotel’s chain of Asian restaurants, said that the experience is unique in a sense that the diners themselves get to choose and cook their own meals according to their own preferences. “Sumibiya is the most interactive dining experience Radisson has to offer. The guests get to grill their own food on their tables and we have a buffet that features a variety of options on poultry, seafood, meat, vegetables and more!, said Hipolito.

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The buffet also features a delicious Kimchi and salad selections inclusive in the buffet, along with soft drinks and hot dishes. Hipolito adds that Filipinos who dine usually opt for their seafood and beef options. “Our top three dishes that Filipinos love are our salmon, our shrimps, and our beef on pepper sauce,” said Hipolito. True enough, as we tasted the salmon and the shrimp – it’s as if we ourselves were the ones who caught the seafood right out of the water. As for the beef on pepper sauce, it had just the right tinge of spice and mix of saltiness that had us asking for another bowl of rice as each bite of the beef produces umami that spreads within your mouth full of flavor and goodness that only a well-marinated meat and well-cooked meat can provide.

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Yujie Zhang, Assistant Restaurant Manager of Radisson Blu’s Sumibiya

The Verdict

Sumibiya meets our expectations when it comes to enjoying a barbecue experience right in front of our tables and into our stomachs as each bite fulfills those cravings that can only be satisfied with a well-grilled meal. Hipolito furthers that Sumibiya has an ongoing promotion for OFWs so that they can try out their flavorful dishes. “We have a promotion for Kabayans in the UAE and Dubai where they can get buy ‘one get one’ on the same package for as long as you’re an OFW in the UAE,” said Hipolito. Diners just need to share their company details and get the opportunity to dine with their friends for the ‘buy one, get one’ promotion.

Sumibiya is located at the ground floor of Radisson Blu at the Deira Creek in Dubai.

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