5 ways to savor Hapag Kainan’s sizzling home cooked goodness

If you’re craving for Filipino dishes that will remind you of your mother’s home-cooked meals back home, Hapag Kainan in Abu Dhabi has just launched several of their sizzling best sellers at Dh 15, complete with a generous serving of munggo and a glass of iced tea. Here’s our review of their latest offerings:

Sizzling Pares
We were served with Hapag Kainan’s five sizzling meals: Pares, Adobo, Squid, Inasal, and Sisig. The Sizzling Pares has the beef infused with the classic Pares taste that will remind you of that Pares stand you used to frequent back home. The beef’s soft tenderness gives each bite a burst of juicy flavours.

Sizzling Adobo
Their Sizzling Adobo came out as a surprise as we were initially expecting the classic Adobo chicken – turns out, it was meal made from ground chicken meat and the flavour really stood out as it’s a unique take on the classic Filipino favourite. A must-try for those who wish to experience a different taste of Adobo.

Sizzling Chicken Inasal
Hapag Kainan’s Sizzling Chicken Inasal might as well give other grilled chicken diners a run for their money – the chicken doesn’t only look tasty on the outside, it’s also filled with tender, juicy inasal taste from the inside. The meal is also paired with a generous serving of chicken oil that, when paired with the rice, adds a new dimension of deliciousness as you eat it.

Sizzling Sisig
The Sizzling Sisig will remind you of the days when you used to order from your favourite carinderia during your college / early years of your career – each bite gives out just the right amount of saltiness and spiciness. With the right mix of meat, vegetables, and flavours, Hapag Kainan’s sisig will give the nostalgic experience of eating one of the Philippines’ signature meals.

Sizzling Squid
Finally, Hapag Kainan’s Sizzling Squid had to be our favourite – with a generous mix of vegetables and squids, you’ll feel a taste of the sea as the meal was cooked at just the right temperature to retain the freshness of each piece of the squid. Your taste buds will delight in the variety of fresh flavours that the squid gives out as it seems that the seafood was taken straight from the seas and into the pan.

Each meal also has Hapag Kainan’s classic munggo which gives each meal a healthy punch with its fusion of vegetables in a warm, tasty soup. And with their own version of their iced tea, each meal is topped off with a soothing and relaxing drink.

We couldn’t even believe that the meals that were just served were Dh 15! We also suggest for new diners to try their Chili Garlic Shrimp, their Tagaytay Bulalo, as well as their very own varieties of Halo-Halos – Classic Halo-Halo, Halo-Halo de Leche, and their Ube Halo-Halo, each of which has their own level of yumminess.

With generous servings and that signature home-cooked taste, Hapag Kainan will take their customers in a delightful experience that will have them coming back for their next meals. Hapag Kainan is located at Al Ain Tower, Hamdan St. in Abu Dhabi.

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