Experience the Fusion of Eastern and Western flavors at Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak!

As 2018 goes by, more and more brands loved by Filipinos are making its way to the UAE. This time, there’s not just one, but two of the Filipinos’ most awaited brands have already begun to serve their mouthwatering dishes at Burjuman Mall in Dubai! Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak are now serving their signature dishes to Filipinos from all over the UAE with its menu offerings brought straight from the Philippines!

The ribbon cutting ceremony held last July 24 was initiated by Philippine Consul General, Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Paul Raymund Cortes; Philippine Embassy Charge d’affaires Rowena R. Pangilinan-Daquipil; Philippine Labour Attaché to Dubai and Northern Emirates, Atty. Felicitas Bay, and Kasamar Holdings Director Mo Bississo.

(FROM L-R) Philippine Labour Attaché to Dubai and Northern Emirates, Atty. Felicitas Bay; Philippine Consul General, Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Paul Raymund Cortes; Kasamar Holdings Director Mo Bississo; Philippine Embassy Charge d’affaires Rowena R. Pangilinan-Daquipil;

Mo Bississo, Director of Kasamar Holdings that manages the brands of Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak in the UAE said: “We looked for the top brands from the Philippines that are not present over here. We were talking to Max’s Group International and these were definitely the two brands – we liked the idea, the concept and the really wide variety and offerings.”

(L-R) Ganesh Rana, Max’s Group International Franchise Operations Manager; Mo Bississo, Kasamar Holding Director; Philip Vasquez, Kasamar Holding Operations Head; Allan Ramos, Max’s Group International Marketing Manager

Teriyaki Boy & Sizzlin’ Steak also organized a so-called ‘Socialization Night’ with the bloggers and influencers to promote their offerings. It was a night filled with tons of smiles & fun while filming, picture taking, eating and socializing all at the same time.

Here’s our first impressions of the 2-in-1 restaurant:

The Ambiance

Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak’s location is right at the heart of Dubai and with their wooden exteriors and accommodating staff, you’ll be surprised at the premium quality service that you’ll experience from the moment you sit, until the moment you finish your meals. “For our staff, we have hired 50% from the Philippines and all of them are well trained especially for the kitchen. To strike a fine balance you want to get front staff from the local market since they understand the local culture and are able to communicate well not just with Filipinos but with other nationalities too,” explains Bississo.

The Food

The best thing about the place is it gives diners the option to experience both Asian and Western Cuisines in one place. Teriyaki Boy focuses on Asian cuisines such as their Bentos, Donburis, and Tepanyakis, – what caught our attention was their selection of “Ju”s. We had a nice serving of their Ebi Katsu Ju and their Chicken Katsu Ju that gave off an inviting aroma of fresh ingredients. With each bite, your mouth will be bursting with umami as the meat and shrimp were cooked so perfectly that you’ll wonder where your rice went.

Sizzlin’ Steak’s selection of meals were very tasty as well – the tenderloin steak was cooked at our preference on their signature sizzlin’ plate. It brings back memories from the Philippines as the taste really matches with that of the Sizzlin’ Steak experience at home. “Our ingredients are locally sourced and our special sauces come all the way from the Philippines,” said Bississo.

Both Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak also offer a variety of desserts – Teriyaki Boy’s Green Tea Milkshake and Sizzlin’ Steak’s Sizzlin’ Cream Cheese Brownie a la Mode were our best bets as it ended our meals with just the right amount of sweetness.

The Verdict

Perhaps the best thing about both Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak is the fact that most dishes only cost at least Dh 19. It makes your meal worth every dirham spent.

Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak is the place-to-be for Filipinos who wish to enjoy their food while experiencing an authentic taste of Asian flavors within a budget that they can afford. Bississo also plans to open more stores to accommodate their growing number of customers as months and years go by: “We wanted to bring two of the best brands by one of the best operators from the Philippines to bring a taste of home to the Kabayans in the UAE. And so we want to offer a wide menu, good quality ingredients, great service, a nice ambiance at an extremely affordable price.” (with a report from Yba Ognikob)

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