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Professional Regulation Commission Chair meets with NPM Group CEO

From left, Hon. Charito A. Zamora, Chairperson of the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and Dr. Karen Remo, CEO and Founder of New Perspective Media (NPM) Group.

Hon. Charito A. Zamora, Chairperson of the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), warmly received Dr. Karen Remo, CEO and Founder of New Perspective Media (NPM) Group and Publisher of The Filipino Times, to explore collaborative initiatives aimed at advancing Filipino professionals, internationally.

The meeting, held at the PRC Headquarters in Manila, focused on leveraging the strengths of both organizations to promote excellence among Filipino professionals and enhance public awareness of PRC’s initiatives.

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Posing with The Filipino Times print, on the cover stories are the TFT Watchlist Awards and Summits for Engineers, Architects and Healthcare Professionals.

Dr. Remo commended the leadership of Atty. Zamora, whose visit to Dubai in December 2023 enabled over 5,000 OFW professionals in the UAE to successfully apply for and renew their licenses, and avail of PRC’s services through its one-stop-shop initiative.

She also briefed the PRC chief on The Filipino Times Watchlist: Top Filipino Healthcare Professionals in the Middle East Awards and Summit which is set on September 20, 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In March of this year, NPM Group organized The Filipino Times Watchlist: Top Filipino Engineers and Architects in the Middle East Awards and Summit.

In their discussion, Atty. Zamora and Dr. Remo discussed potential areas of collaboration, including the promotion of excellence, enhancing information dissemination, and supporting PRC’s mandates.

They explored partnerships to highlight the achievements of Filipino professionals through prestigious events such as The Filipino Times Watchlist Awards and Summit. These platforms recognize outstanding engineers, architects, healthcare professionals, and other key contributors in their respective fields.

They also aimed to enhance the dissemination of PRC news, updates, and announcements through The Filipino Times’ extensive media channels. This collaboration aims to ensure that Filipino professionals, both in the Philippines and abroad, stay well-informed about regulatory changes, licensure requirements, and professional development opportunities.

Furthermore, NPM Group expressed its commitment to supporting PRC, including initiatives aimed at promoting continuous professional development.

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Reading The Filipino Times, the largest international Filipino digital news media and biggest free newspaper in the UAE.

During the meeting, Atty. Zamora commended The Filipino Times for its significant role in championing the achievements of Overseas Filipino Professionals (OFWs) in the Middle East through various awards and conferences. She emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of OFWs and enhancing their integration into global professional communities.

Dr. Remo reiterated NPM Group’s dedication to empowering Filipino professionals worldwide through innovative media platforms and strategic partnerships. She emphasized the mutual goal of fostering excellence and celebrating the success stories of Filipino talents across diverse sectors.

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From left: Vince Ang, NPM Group CEO; PRC Chair Atty. Charito Zamora; NPM Group CEO and Founder Dr. Karen Remo.

The collaboration between PRC and NPM Group underscores a shared commitment to advancing the interests of Filipino professionals and promoting their global competitiveness. Attending the meeting were Atty. Janice P. Castellano, the Commission Secretary of PRC; Atty. Bernadette So-Marquez from PRC’s International Affairs Office, International Commitments Negotiation Division; Vince Ang, NPM Group’s Chief Operating Officer; and Ronna Manalo, Senior Marketing and Communications Executive of New Perspective Marketing International Inc, the Philippines subsidiary of NPM Group.

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