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Most Filipinos with foreign spouses married nationals from this country 

The 2019 Philippine Marriage Statistics conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that while majority of marriages in the country were between Filipinos, some of our countrymen tied the knot with Americans.

The survey showed that 96.4% or 416,542 marriages in 2019 were between Filipino women and men, 3.5% or 15,047 marriages were between Filipinos and foreign nationals, and 0.1% were between non-Filipinos.

Of those intermarriages majority were among with foreign men at 89.3% while with foreign women were at 10.7%.

Mixed marriage among Filipino men were with American women (16.6%), followed by Australians (14%), Canadian (12.3%), Chinese (7.2%), and Japanese (7.1%) women.

Americans also lead with highest number of foreign marriages among Filipino women(26.8%), followed by Japanese (10.6%), British (6.6%), Korean (6.3%), and Canadian (5.7%) men.

Data also showed that lesser number of Filipinos are getting married.

2019  had a total of 431,972 registered marriages, compared with 2018’s 449,169. (TDT)

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