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Discover the taste of home with CEO Christina Vergara and her team at ‘Taho Avenue’

When was the last time you ate taho? Warm silken tofu drenched with sweet arnibal and paired with chewy sago pearls topping. Who doesn’t miss it? Just one sip of it will already transport you back to your childhood and make you hear inside your head the projected baritone voice of Manong shouting, “TAHOOOOOOO. . . .”

In August 2023, the first-ever Filipino store in Dubai opened and it has been satisfying the cravings of our kababayans since then. Christina Vergara, the CEO and founder of Taho Avenue, shared in her recent interview with The Filipino Times, the overwhelming support they are receiving from our kababayans since their opening.

She said, “I expected it would be a hit because nobody sells taho in Dubai, but I did not expect that it would be that much. So much that even our kababayans from the other Emirates especially Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and other areas outside of our delivery range drive their way to Dubai and Business Bay only for our taho.”

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When asked what made her decide to bring Filipinos’ favorite snack in Dubai, she was honest to say that all she wanted before was to start a business so she could escape her corporate job where she felt unhappy. She was obsessed with the freedom that comes with being her own boss.

“The freedom to wake up at the time of my choice, the freedom to go on vacation whenever I want without obtaining somebody else’s approval, the freedom to decide on my salary and when I want to increase it. I was obsessed with the idea of living my life the way I wanted and the monetary reward that comes with being an entrepreneur,” she said.

“If I start a business, it must be something that guarantees success especially since it requires me to give up my then demanding but stable corporate job. A business that is unique, in high demand, and with a pre-existing huge market but has a few or zero competitors. So, when I found “taho” on YouTube, I already knew the perfect business idea.”

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The Taho Avenue team

Fast forward to ten months of trial and error and overcoming a series of challenges in establishing a business, Taho Avenue finally opened its door. Christina recalls how it was not easy in the beginning. The orders came non-stop and they were not prepared for such a huge volume of orders. They only had two staff at that time so they increased their manning and built a solid system.

“It was ridiculously overwhelming, but we call it ‘a positive headache,’” she said.

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Seeing the trouble their customers are willing to go through just for a cup of taho, Christina understood the craving of Filipinos for it.

“Because taho is not just taho. It’s childhood memories in a cup. It’s a taste of nostalgia and the ultimate comfort food for many of us Filipinos. Being away from home is sad, and taho is one of the foods that gives us a taste of home and reminds us of our carefree days.”

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From someone who just wanted to own a business, Christina became an entrepreneur with a mission: to bring a taste of home to our fellow Filipinos and share a cultural taste around the globe.

Taho Avenue is a 100% Filipino-owned business. You can order through Talabat, Noon, Careem, or Deliveroo or come to their store in Clover Bay Tower, Business Bay for pick-up orders. Currently, a dine-in option is not available but stay tuned for their expansion, as it is a promise they are making to their avid customers in 2024.

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