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Enjoy Trill introduces the healthy and tasty ice cream with less sugar than an apple

Enjoy Trill, the revolutionary ice cream with an entire pint containing less sugar than an apple, landed across stores in the UAE this year. The ice cream that comes in its signature chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel flavors is packed with all the healthy features – dairy-free, gluten-free, and keto – whilst still tasting like your favorite decadent, sugar-filled dessert.

Enjoy Trill is founded by US and Switzerland based company, The Healthy Ice Cream, whose ambition is to shift the way people choose and consume their ice cream. Most ice cream is 25% sugar by weight. Their R&D team decided that ice cream must evolve. Using natural ingredients, they formulated an innovative recipe that tastes amazing but is only 2.5% sugar. This means Enjoy Trill has 10 times less sugar than old-school ice cream.

French entrepreneur and Co Founder of Enjoy Trill Sylvain Perret

“Our findings show that existing healthy ice creams in the market compromise on either taste, texture or price. For example, it’s low-calorie but full of sugar, vegan but high in sugar, or reduced sugar but has a very icy texture. In addition, healthier products tend to mean more premium prices. We believe that to truly revolutionize the industry, ice cream needs to continue to spark joy. Hence, Enjoy Trill’s commitment is to deliver that guilt-free pleasure in every bite, without the nasties and without breaking the bank,” says French entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Enjoy Trill, Sylvain Perret.

“Our ice cream does not contain any artificial sweeteners or additives. And we use natural ingredients like oat milk, coconut, cacao and vanilla. Re-engineering the formula of ice cream in our kitchen took us a thousand iterations before perfecting. So we are truly proud of Enjoy Trill’s promise,” adds American food nutritionist and Co-Founder, Chris Clark.

Enjoy Trill is planning to introduce its new version of frozen goodness on a handy stick that contains less sugar than a carrot and with an all-new vegan formula in the first quarter of 2022.

Enjoy Trill’s pints are now available across the UAE in Spinneys, Carrefour, Al Maya, Union Coop and online via Shop Kitopi and Talabat Tmart. It is also distributed in six other countries including Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Belgium.

For more information on Enjoytrill, visit or get social via @EnjoyTrill.Me.

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