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Resto Pinoy’s ‘Beef Pata Festival’ features lip-smacking, savory Filipino dishes

Many Filipinos think of only serving Pata to mark special occasions, but this wouldn’t be the case any longer for overseas Filipinos in Abu Dhabi and the UAE as The Resto Pinoy has reimagined your favorite dishes, with a tender, meaty generous servings of ‘pata’ in each bite.
The Resto Pinoy’s ‘Beef Pata Festival’ celebrates the versatility and innovative knack of Filipinos on recreating their favorite meals on March 13, 20, and 27 only so be sure to check out their selections on these dates at their branches located at Khalidiyah and Hamdan in Abu Dhabi.
Here are the five beef pata dishes you shouldn’t miss:

Boneless Crispy Beef Pata. The Resto Pinoy’s own version of the Crispy Pata removes all of the hassle of dealing with bones as it serves several pieces of huge, tender beef pata fried to perfection. Each bite oozes with meaty goodness with no grease at all, serving diners with the classic pata experience.

Adobo del Diablo. The Resto Pinoy fuses the classic Spicy Adobo dish with a mix of pata, mussels, and crab balls that each give that delicious mix of saltiness and spiciness. Their unique version of the Adobo gives diners that unique taste of a signature family recipe that’s been handed down for generations to enjoy.

Humba. Hailing from its origins in Pangasinan, this version of Humba has several pieces of tender Pata drenched with The Resto Pinoy’s Humba sauce. Each spoonful of the sauce and meat gives that mix of sweetness and tinge of sourness.

Pata Tim. No Pata line up of dishes is ever complete without the Pinoy classic Pata Tim. The Resto Pinoy serves up several pieces of slowly cooked Beef Pata that’s cooked together with their own recipe of the Pata Tim with each bite serving up that expected sweetness, complemented by the sheer tenderness of the meat.

Beef Steak Pata. Another reimagined dish included to the mix is the Beef Steak Filipinos have loved for decades. The Resto Pinoy serves several pieces of their juicy Beef Pata served with delicious onion rings and their beef steak sauce that oozes with flavorful, savory taste with each bite.
Interested diners who would like to book their seats in advance can contact the following numbers:
Khalidiyah – 02 666 0484
Hamdan – 02 666 0484

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