LOOK: Pinoy gets massive surprise after buying ‘cheap’ iPhone online

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A 23-year-old Pinoy online shopper has experienced the stress of ‘expectation versus reality’ after purchasing a ‘cheap brand new’ iPhone.

Ryan Ballesteros felt being duped out of his cash as the supposed cheap mobile phone turned out to be a giant coffee table.

When the parcel was delivered last March 11 at his home in Quirino province, he had a second thought of accepting it because the order came in a giant box.

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To his surprise, the huge parcel contained a table that looked exactly like an iPhone 6.

Feeling robbed, he checked the specifications of the product on the sellers account in the online app and discovered that he failed to notice that it was labeled as “table” in the description.

“I was laughing when the item was delivered. I thought the seller needed immediate money so he sold the iPhone for a cheaper price. I did not read the specifications because I was too excited,” he said.

After taking some snaps of the delivery, Ballesteros gave the table to his boss’ eight-year-old daughter. But he also learned a lesson: double check the specification of any item.

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