OFWs rejoice over UAE’s successful Mars Mission

A group of Filipino nurses take a quick selfie as they closely watched the progress of the UAE Hope Probe.

The success of UAE’s mission to the red planet has given a bolster shot not only to UAE nationals but to the communities of expatriates.

Among them are Filipinos here in the UAE who lauded the country’s latest feat in space science and shared their optimism during this bleak period of COVID-19 pandemic.

Roldan delos Reyes, a chief nursing officer here in the UAE stated that this achievement of a dream that spanned for five decades is a clear testament to the UAE’s motto that nothing is impossible in the country that supports the advancement of science through strong leadership and will.

“UAE’s Hope Probe landing on the Red Planet (Mars) inspires me as a person by making me realized that dreams are limitless, as long as you have a strong mind and strong faith even if it will take years, dreams and ambitions are attainable. UAE’s Hope Probe only taught me that the key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic long term learning process and not to live in a shell of static and safe mediocrity. Growth comes at the expense of previous comfort and safety. The UAE’s leadership that brought fruition to this mission is very admirable and inspiring – congratulations UAE!,” said delos Reyes.

Ding Alinea, a nurse who has been working for over five years in the UAE also believes that this milestone is a highlight for UAE’s progress in space.

“I am very much impressed to live in a country that aspires to achieve milestone after milestone in science, health, and technology. And now, the UAE has even reached close to the red planet. This is a positive sign that we are all moving forward and learning more about what is out there, and the UAE is here to lead the way,” said Alinea.

Other overseas Filipinos who closely watched the progress of the UAE’s Hope Probe on the evening of February 9 also congratulated the country for its success.

Azer Dimalanta
– I am proud to have witnessed another success of this great country. The UAE continues to be first and this inspires me to strive harder in life and make impossible possible! Congratulations UAE!

Edward Rivera
– Mabrouk UAE! Nakaka-inspire ang ipinakitang success ng bansa sa larangan ng space exploration. Talagang naipamalas ng UAE ang husay ng mga taong nagtrabaho para ito ay maging successful.

Vina Laggui
– The UAE’s vision and goals that become reality reflects on its leaders. Nakaka-inspire at proud maging residente ng UAE

Neil Bie

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