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Apparently, another expat got a surprise gift—cash amounting to 1 yr salary—from this Dubai vlogger

Dubai vlogger and influencer Alex Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie in the online world, is on a streak of helping random people and doing acts of generosity and charity.

On Wednesday, Alex wowed netizens when she surprised her Filipina worker with money enough for the Filipina’s college fund and new home.

But prior to that surprise, Alex has also helped another Dubai expat. She gave a carwash boy with a generous tip.

Alex went on a parking lot and pretended that she will get a car wash.

A man named Ismail approached her and told her that he watches her Youtube videos.

She later on spoke to Ismail discovered that he left Bangladesh 10 years ago to work in UAE.

“I am working here for 10 years for my family,” he said.

Alex then started asking the man the biggest tip he had received in the last ten years. Ismail said that he only received between AED10 or AED20 as regular tip. The biggest tip he received was AED100.

The vlogger first gave him AED100. She later on asked how much Ismail makes in a month.

Computing the entire salary for the whole year, Alex gave Ismail the biggest tip of his life.

“I am so happy. I am very happy,” the shocked man said. He appeared to be speechless for the generous tip.

“You are very kind to us, we hope this can help you and your family back home,” Alex said.

The man said that he will send the money back to his family in Bangladesh.

Watch the video below:

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