Pinay accountant from UAE fulfills dream of new beginnings at Perth, Australia

While almost a million Filipinos call UAE as their second home, there are several Filipinos who also aim to transition to other countries as they continue to dream for further advancements and successes in their life – may that be in their career, family, health, or other personal matters.

One such OFW is Maricel Cancino who after 12 years of working as an accountant in Dubai managed to fulfill her dream of flying to a new country at Perth, Australia. She shares that over the years, she managed to have her family enjoy the fruits of her labor here. “Before I only dreamt of becoming an accountant to give everything to my parents and I did it. Next, I dreamt to build a decent house for my parents and siblings and I made it.”

Cancino shares that while heading towards another country to study wasn’t in her immediate plans, an unexpected twist of fate led her to a new beginning: “I just accompanied my friend going to The Visa Center as she wanted to seek assistance migrating or studying abroad that ended up on me signing up for their assistance. Studying abroad is not something that I have planned for a long period of time but it was unexpected that fate had already given me as I am already planning going back to the Philippines for good,”

Making the right decision

She furthers that The Visa Center (TVC) helped her to decide after speaking to one of their competent Immigration consultants and was given a very good deal. “It was April 30, 2019, and it was the last day of their promotion. I did not think about it, I signed the contract! Yes, I was impulsive but my impulses and my quick decision-making led me into something beautiful, something that I will not regret. If I turned my back to what these experts say, I may not be here in Australia (that is what I will regret, for sure),” shares Cancino.

Cancino managed to fulfill all documentary requirements the following month and passed the approval for her visa after two weeks.

Fast forward to today, Cancino expressed her words of gratitude for TVC team for their guidance that led her to begin life anew in Australia: “I am genuinely grateful to God and of course to The Visa Center for their unconditional help to make this experience possible for me. It was a surreal feeling that I cannot explain. I felt that I was blessed with so many things that I could still have more to live.”

Seize the Opportunity

She urges fellow Filipinos to keep on grabbing the opportunities that lie ahead in the present so that they wouldn’t regret it in the future. “When opportunities come, some people might say, “think about it first; if it is for you, it’s for you”, initially, they thought of the negative aspects right away. In my case, what I only thought about my future. That if I will not grab the opportunity, I might regret this forever. I don’t say that you have to be impulsive at all times but when it comes to your future, the best that you can do is to grab every single opportunity that comes your way until you find yourself walking on the right path, leading to your dreams,” said Cancino

Filipinos in the UAE who wish to follow in Maricel’s footsteps towards success can contact The Visa Center located at 101 NBQ Building, Bank Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai UAE with landline number 04-331-0006 In Abu Dhabi at 823 Al Ghaith Tower, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi UAE and dial 02-508-9066.

Office timings are from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm daily.
Facebook page is: The Visa Center
Watch Maricel’s journey here: Maricel, from Dubai to Australia.

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