WATCH: Abu Dhabi Concert Chorale performs breathtaking rendition of Bamboo’s ‘Noypi’

Hundreds of Filipinos recently witnessed an awe-inspiring performance by the Abu Dhabi Concert Chorale (ADCC) as they sang popular Filipino songs during the 121st Philippine Independence Day celebrations organized by the Bayanihan Council in Abu Dhabi.

What struck the audiences the most was their rendition of Bamboo’s ‘Noypi’ that saw the chorale in their blue gowns and classic barongs breaking away from their usual formations to enthrall the audience in a mix of gestures and movements while still maintaining their harmonious melodies.

In an exclusive interview with The Filipino Times, choir master and conductor Adrian “Kian” Gonzaga shared that preparations for the performance started as early as May 2019. Gonzaga thought about how the ADCC’s performance could not only uplift the Filipino spirit, but also excite the audiences with their performance.

“Upon learning of the invitation by the Bayanihan Council, I started to think of a song that would be fitting for the occasion. We have done Isang Dugo Isang Lahi Isang Musika last year, and its a very serious piece. But this year I thought “why not do something upbeat, and current but in the same time, patriotic?” So I thought of Noypi, not only because I’m a huge Rivermaya and Bamboo fan, but because it fits all criteria and the arrangement of Mr. Arnel De Pano is the perfect piece for it,” shares Gonzaga.

Unified voices, one message

The conductor then worked closely with more than 20 unique voices to harmonize and bring forth a powerful rendition of the song that inspires confidence of being a Filipino in a foreign land.

“Before our performance, I reminded our singers that if we touch even a single soul in the audience by our music, then we can consider our work is done. Being a Pinoy in a foreign land could be difficult at times. You know, being away from your family and leaving your comfort zones, I guess by reminding ourselves of who we are and what we are capable of as a race could somehow lighten the load and allow us to keep on going,” said Gonzaga.

The choir master shares that they’re currently seeking more Filipino voices to join their singing group: “ They can reach us through Jong at 050133951 We also regularly serve the Saturday English mass at 7pm at the St. Joseph Cathedral, so they can approach us after every mass. No audition required because we believe that everyone who is passionate about music deserves a chance.”

Watch their performance here:


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