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How to tell your kids they’re adopted? Start early, be honest — Judy Ann Santos

Adoptive parents often worry about how to tell their child they are adopted. At some point, all children will question their parents about where they come from to try to understand who they are.
Telling your child they are adopted can cause anxiety and be a stressful time. There are many ways to tell your kids they are adopted, but you have to start early and be honest.
This is exactly what veteran actress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo did with her daughter, Yohan.
According to Judy Ann, there was a conscious decision on her part to make Yohan aware of her being an adopted child as early as age 4.
The actress added that they made sure that Yohan eased into understanding their technical relationship, and seeing the concept of adoption as something positive, and not to be ashamed about.
Judy Ann added that there were moments when Yohan would be anxious and bothered about her being adopted, and she always explained to the child how she prayed to God have a baby girl.
Also, Judy Ann always reassured Yohan that her adoption is an “inspiring story, and not a bad thing at all.” She always reminded her child that the word “adoption” is the most beautiful word for those who wanted to have a family.
This reassuring word, according to Judy Ann, gives Yohan the glow and confidence to face the world.

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