APO-ADAA, AUFWWAAD, PICE-UAE, lead blood donation drive in Abu Dhabi

The Alpha Phi Omega – Abu Dhabi Alumni Association (APO-ADAA), Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – UAE (PICE-UAE), and the the Association of United Filipino Workers for Welfare and Assistance in Abu Dhabi (AUFWWAAD) held a joint blood donation drive at the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank last December 28.

Over 200 participants offered to donate their blood, out of which 117 donors were selected. Several willing donors weren’t able to donate due to being anemic and experiencing high blood pressure during the event. Those with Type B blood were also declined from donating as there were still many blood bags of the said type in stock.

Certificates, t-shirts and other tokens of appreciation were given to each donor for the blood donation drive.


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