Top 8 Filipino superstitions every New Year

As the world prepares for the New Year celebrations, the Philippines sets itself with a whole long list of superstitions that will supposedly bring good luck if followed to the letter. These practices have since been passed down several generations and are still done by many households to the point that it even extends here in the flats and rooms of many Filipinos in the UAE!

Here are the top Pinoy New Year practices and/or superstitions:

Round fruits
Filipinos flock to get their fresh fruit at the market to buy not just one, but 12 pieces of round fruits as the shape symbolizes prosperity – and the number follows each month of the year. 12 round fruits usually bought are grapes, oranges, melons, watermelons, oranges, lychee, lemons, apples, plums, peaches, cherries, lanzones, rambutan, and more!

Polka dot garments
To go along with your round fruits will be your garments filled with round shapes! Polka-dot prints on shirts, blouses, and other garments may look a bit wacky – but the older generation believes that polka-dots and round shapes in particular bring in prosperity for the year ahead.

“Isang kayod, isang tuka”
Most Filipinos prefer not to serve chicken during the New Year to avoid “Isang kayod, isang tuka” otherwise known as living from paycheck to paycheck and hopefully increase and better manage their financial resources for the New Year.

All doors should be open
Before the New Year begins, another superstition is that all doors, including your drawers, cabinets and windows, should be open so that the good blessings will come in and the bad spirits will leave together when they get scared of the loud noises.

Loud Noises Everywhere!
Fireworks aren’t just sparkly colors seen in the skies to be marveled at: The main reason why fireworks are mostly used during the New Year is for the loud, festive sounds it creates! It is said that loud noises would drive away any evil spirit to make sure your home is clear of them as the New Year begins.
Those who aren’t fans of the loud noises from fireworks also have alternatives like their car’s horn or tapping their pots and pans with ladles and other kitchen tools!

Jump high to improve your height!
Parents and grandparents have always told kids to jump high the moment the clock strikes 12am – it was long believed that jumping will trigger a growth spurt to improve the height of a young kid. Till today, there’s not a single research that proves this – but it’s surely fun to see kids jumping for joy during the New Year!

Bring the family together for Media Noche
After all the jumping and loud noises, the family then comes together to celebrate the first meal of the year. Friends and loved ones also gather to enjoy the first morning of the year as they feast, drink, and savor all the happiness and joy that will usher in towards the year.

No spending for January 1
The morning after the Media Noche at January 1, the usual advice of the older generation is to avoid spending money on January 1 so that you would supposedly avoid shelling out huge amounts of cash for the year ahead.

Neil Bie

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