Maranao community holds basketball tourney

The PNB CUP 2018, dubbed as Maranao Winter League sponsored by the Maranao Community in UAE (MARCOM) is on with games kicking up last Nov. 9, 2018 at Al Shaab Sports Complex in Sharjah, UAE.

The said tournament is an exclusive Maranao-only league with 6 teams vying for the top representing all the members coming from the different Emirates.

The organizer, led by the current Marcom President Shaharullah Ali Tahir and the commissioner of the league said this initiative is meant to gain more camaraderie among members and promote unity through the physical sports.

The tourney’s semi finals was concluded recently with four teams in the remaining Magic 4.

On Jan. 4 at the same venue, the teams Malangas will fight against the Kampilan for the championship with the teams Barracuda versus Sarimanok for 3rd place.

Teams Kampilan and Malangas Solid Force won in the semis.

The tournament was sponsored by the Philippine National Bank PNB-GCC led by its GCC Head Manager Salimar Salomabao.

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