Emirati employers shoulder OFW’s hospital bill worth P350,000

Imelda Devera Pacheco, a single mom currently working as an overseas FIlipino worker (OFW) in Dubai, has nothing but kind words to describe her employers.

Her journey as an OFW was marred with difficulties but one incident was enough make her feel empowered and lucky to have found a new family in her employers.

It was in 2013 when hospital exams revealed Pacheco had stones in her gallbladder. She was advised by her doctor at Mediclinic City Hospital to immediately undergo an endoscopy, a medical procedure that uses specialized instruments to view and operate on the internal organs.

She immediately thought about medical expenses. For a single mom, shelling out additional expenses would mean less money to be sent home to her children. Pacheco was at a loss.

“Nagkaroon ng bato sa apdo ko. Nag-endoscopy ako. Yung operasyon ko umabot ng nasa P350,000,” Pacheco told The Filipino Times in an exclusive interview

It was a period of trials for Pacheco who felt she had no one to rely on. But she was mistaken.

As fate (or luck) would have it, an answer to her quandary quickly came. Her employers told her they were willing to shoulder all her medical expenses.

“Sa awa naman ng Diyos, nung time na ‘yun ay hindi naman ako pinabayaan ng employer ko,” Pacheco said.

“Siguro dun sa ibang employer paiinumin ka lang ng gamot. Pero ‘yung employers ko, sila mismo ang nag-offer na magpa-opera ako,” she added.

For this, Pacheco offered a message of gratitude to her employers, who did not think twice about lending her a helping hand.

“Salamat kasi hindi nila ako itinuring na katulong. Nung time na kailangan ko ng operasyon, hindi sila nag-atubiling tumulong. Hindi nila ako pinabayaan. Nandoon sila hanggang makalabas ako,” the OFW said.

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