PART 2: Pinay receives unexpected gifts from her employers in Dubai


But what touched her the most was when the Horan family lent a hand for the treatment of her father, Nestor Gatin, who was incarcerated for a year in Saudi Arabia before he was deported in 1995. And when he came home, his father who was then full of hopes and dreams for their family was never the same again.

She recalls that his father had frequent violent fits and talked to himself alone.

The young April then witnessed drastic changes in the behavior of her beloved father. At that time, she recounts, his mental health was quickly deteriorating and was later diagnosed with a nervous breakdown after being locked up abroad.

Thanks to the kindness of her employers, her father is now in good shape.

April with her whole family

The unfortunate series of events that happened to April’s father before led the family to forge stronger ties.

Her mother took over in providing for their needs. Despite her father’s experiences abroad, she braved her fears and battled the odds of being an OFW in 2006 just to be able to help her family and, most especially, to send her father to a specialist.

She says, “Nagdadasal ako noon na sana makapag-abroad ako kahit domestic worker ang mahalaga mabait ang amo. Higit para kanino man, gusto ko kasi talaga matustusan ang gamutan at ibang pangangailangan ni papa para gumaling na siya.”

April and her father

Armed with a sheer determination, April had no idea what’s in store for her hundreds of miles away from home; but she was overflowing hope that when she earned enough, her father would be checked up by medical experts.

Her aunt, who was working for the Horan Family in Brunei then, brought her there to be her replacement.

April could still remember up to this day how her employers surprised her with flowers, chocolates, and a handwritten welcome note 11 years ago.

“Hindi ko akalain na sa unang pagkikita namin ay parang ang tagal-tagal na naming magkakakilala,” she says.

As a househelp, April was trusted by the couple to also take care of their young children Sara, who was three years old, and Michael who was only one month old back then.

Sara and Michael before, April’s wards

Sara and Michael before, April’s wards

Sara and Michael before, April’s wards

When the Horan Family moved to Dubai in 2009, they just couldn’t imagine setting up a new life without April by their side.

In fact, aside from her monthly salary, they even provided her with a very spacious and comfortable room to stay here.

She took TFT ONLINE into her room, which is larger than the usual flats of other ordinary expats here.

April’s room in Dubai (The Filipino Times)

The Horans, who are more than satisfied with the service given to them by April, nominated her in the UAE’s Best Nanny of 2017, wherein she finished as one of the Top 26 Finalists….



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