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Jennica Garcia denies reconciliation with estranged husband Alwyn Uytingco

Actress Jennica Garcia denied speculations that she and her husband Alwyn Uytingco are back in each others’ arms.

Some netizens accused Garcia and Uytingco of hiding the real score between them.

In a series of Instagram comments, Garcia called na netizen ‘chismosa’.

“I can opt to just delete the comment and block this chismosa na feeling mas maalam pa sa nangyayari sakin sa personal kong buhay but I will just answer para tapos na dahil hindi naman ito ang magiging last time that this could happen at sa susunod di ko na kailangan sumagot pa ulit,” she said.

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“My trip to Tanay won’t be the only instance where people would see the father of my children and I in one place,” Garcia added.

Garcia said that she will not be surprised if photos of them together will be shared online.

“I won’t even be surprised to see pictures of us in Tanay on the internet once I post this because when we were there, there were people who asked me for a photo and then there were those who came up to Alwyn as well for pictures,” she added.

She also clarified that being together does not mean they have already reconciled as couple.

“For the one who left a comment that they saw Alwyn with us in Tanay. O TAPOS?
Why did it come as a surprise that my children’s father and I are together in a particular place with our children? Does that mean just because we are together then we are romantically linked?,” she said.

Garcia insists they are now in a co-parenting set up.

“Hindi ba pwedeng we are thriving to coparent healthily for our children especially since I am also with my parents family at sadyang assuming ka? It was NOT an Uytingco Family trip. Dapat ba pag hiwalay sa asawa not in good terms?” Garcia said.

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“Hindi kami boyfriend and girlfriend na dahil hiwalay, cut all ties. We have children to think of hindi pwedeng sariling kapakanan lang iniisip,” she said.

Garcia also talked back to the netizen and saying that Uytingco was also present during her daughter’s birthday.

“By the way, my children’s father is also with us during Mori’s Birthday. Ngayon mo lang nalaman diba? May friend ka sa area? Wala diba, kasi di naman invited ‘friend’ mo sa bahay ng Papa Jigo ko,” Garcia said.

“Di rin ako nag upload ng picture with my children’s father kahit andun siya. Kasi bakit? Kailangan ba? Para saan? Para SAYO? Para updated ka ganon?,” Garcia continued.

Garcia warns that she will auto block those who will continue to post malicious comments about her family. (TDT)

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