BB Gandanghari gets hospitalized after being bullied at workplace in US

BB Gandanghari took to social media to speak up about experiencing bullying and discrimination in the US.

Gandanghari said that she has been hospitalized because of the emotional impact of the bullying she has been experiencing and even posted a photo of her hand wearing a hospital tag.

“Say NO to workplace BULLYING,” she captioned the photo.

“What would you do when you’re transgender and your personal and professional boundaries are being violated and attacked in a work environment who claims to be a SAFE ZONE for people like me?” she added.

She also explained that her unfortunate experience in the workplace gave her “extreme emotional distress and severe anxiety attack that’s causing [her] blood pressure to shoot up.”

The doctors also advised her to take some time off from work.

The date on the tag reads March 20, 2019 but it is unclear if Gandanghari has been discharged from the hospital.

Gandanghari no longer revealed any further details about her job and other work conditions in the US, but it can be recalled that she has been trying to make a name for herself in the modelling industry ever since she moved to the said country.

She ended her post with the hashtags #SayNoToBullying #NoToDiscrimination #NotoRacism #NotoHypocrisy.



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