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Poland to accept Filipino workers, exchange students

Poland has opened its doors for more than 100,000 foreign workers, particularly for Filipinos.

The country needs migrant workers for manufacturing, agriculture, and information technology (IT) industry. Other in-demand jobs here are masons, carpenters, concrete mixers, plasterers, machine operators, and engineers for their infrastructure projects.

Earlier, Poland’s Deputy Labor Minister Stanislaw Szwed noted that Poland and Philippines are both Roman Catholic countries. Hence, they share many cultural values.

Deputy Labor Minister Szwed also said they are on the course of forming an agreement with the Philippine authorities to cover their growing labor shortage because of Poland’s aging population and its native’s migration to other European countries.

One out of five jobs in Poland will be vacated due to labor shortage and Filipinos are tapped to fill the gap.

Meanwhile, universities in Poland are eyeing to accept Filipino students to engage them with appropriate trainings for the industries in the country. One of which is the University of Information Technology (UITM) in Rzeszow, Poland who are currently in talks with the universities in the Philippines to send Filipino exchange students.

Chosen students will be given with part-time works in the universities while they are finishing their courses. They will be guaranteed of employment visa and on top of that is the regular employment once they graduated.

Concurrently, the Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI) announced that aside from Poland, European countries Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria are open to accept Filipino workers.

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