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33% in 3 minutes: realme’s 125W UltraDART promotes flash charging technology

Filipinos are known to be among the world’s most socially connected people, and this entails that most of them spend hours on end with their smartphones.
Today, realme has revealed the latest solution to solve battery life problems with its launch of the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging solution for the next generation of 5G smartphones.
Among the best known features of the realme UltraDART include the optimizing charging technologies to ensure that smartphones will be back from 0 to 33% within three minutes of charging time for smartphones sporting a 4000mAh battery.

Full charge takes a maximum of 20 minutes as the realme UltraDART manages charging speeds to keep the smartphone’s temperature under 40, ensuring the user’s safety and avoiding overcharging and overheating of your phone.
125W UltraDART also focuses more on efficiency and safety with a multi-layer protection by adopting direct charging to avoid potential charging accidents. 125W UltraDART does not only support the phone charged while the screen is on and being played with, but also makes 5G smartphones get charged faster, more safely and also comfortable to use.

Technologies that can be utilized by more people are good ones. realme illustrates that it will take more 5G smartphones shipped with the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging technology into mass production, to make the young users, who realme values the most to experience the innovative charging technology as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, as “Popularizer of Tech Trendsetting Life”, realme insists on the “Dare to Leap” brand conception to gradually bring the world-advancing smartphone charging technologies to more price segments rather than only flagship products, bringing the always-on 5G fast-speed experience to more young users which breaks the constraints of the price.
As the brand focusing on the young, realme commits itself to creating products with a leap-forward experience of all aspects. The official launch of the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging technology will magnificently shorten the charging time of high capacity batteries and guarantee the battery life of 5G smartphones, to help realme 5G smartphones perform excellently and offer better trendsetting user experiences.

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