GUIDE: How to get a movement permit in Dubai

UAE residents are now required to secure a movement permit in Dubai if they plan to head out of their homes following the strict implementation of heightened movement restrictions with the emirate’s 24-hour sterilization program.
Even those in the support and vital sectors are now required to secure the same permit – this means that there are no exceptions any longer for any resident not to get their permit as those who will be caught loitering outside their homes without a permit will face a hefty fine of up to Dh3,000.
Here are the steps:

Step 1:
Choose your reason for requesting a permit: Work or Personal
Choosing ‘Work’ will show you a list of professions allowed to move within Dubai, including those working in the Vital and Support sectors.

Choosing ‘Personal’ will let you choose from heading to the Pharmacy for Medical Supplies, Grocery shopping, or an ‘other’ option.

Step 2:
Individuals will be asked to key in their personal details.
Those under tourist or visit visa can select ‘Passport’ as their ID type.

Step 3:
Choose your mode of transportation or select ‘By walking/cycling’ if you’re going to your destination on foot.
Key in your home address as well as your exact destination, date, and your travel time. Be sure to allot ample time heading to and from your home and destination.

Step 4:
Input your mobile number and wait for the one-time password that Dubai Police will send.

Step 5:
Your permit will then be processed by the authorities. Allow 10-15 minutes waiting time.

You may check your permit status at the first page of your request.

Step 6:
You will receive a text message stating if your request was approved. You will also see your permit status at the first page of your request.

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