BREAKING: Death toll in coronavirus outbreak in China rises to 17

The new strain of coronavirus found in Wuhan, China has already claimed the lives of 17 people there, prompting officials to impose travel restrictions to the central Chinese City.
In a report by The New York Times, it said that authorities there are stepping up measures to contain the virus that has already infected 470 people.
A separate report from CNN says eight new deaths were confirmed in the province of Hubei.
Li Bin, a deputy head of China’s health commission, expressed his worry that it would be more difficult to contain the outbreak because of the Lunar New Year holiday in China.
This is the time of the year where Chinese nationals are going in and out of the country to travel.
The senior health official also said that the virus could mutate and spread more easily.
In Wuhan, there is already a ban on large public gatherings and performances at hotels and sightseeing destinations.
The local government there has already required citizens to wear masks to help prevent the virus spread.
Tour companies are looking for ways to discourage travelers from going there. They are promising penalty-free refunds for hotel bookings and air and train tickets to and from the city.
Zhou Xianwang, the mayor of Wuhan, said in a separate interview on Tuesday with state broadcaster CCTV that he has recommended people not to come if “it isn’t necessary”.

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