Radio show connects jobseekers to employers in UAE

A radio program in the UAE connects jobseekers and employers in the UAE by matching skill sets against job qualifications.

On “The Kris Fade Show”, a portion called Job Watch is helping jobseekers find jobs based on their qualifications by comparing them to the requirements submitted to them by hiring employers in the UAE.

Jobseekers will be asked to fill in an online form containing their personal details and professional qualifications. They are also encouraged to upload their current curriculum vitae (CV) on the show’s website.

Meanwhile, employers who are looking for possible employees are also free to ask for the show’s help.

A separate online form specifically for employers is available on the show’s website where they will be asked to provide their personal details, job details, and minimum experience needed for the job.

The “job watch” is also open for both UAE locals and expats.

Online forms for both the jobseekers and employers are available here.

“It can be hard to get your resume in front of the right people sometimes. You may be in a tough spot, you may need to get back on your feet, or you’ve just been tirelessly looking for a job but no luck so far,” a statement on the show’s website read.

“The Kris Fade Show can’t guarantee you a job, but we can do all that we can to help! Fill out the details below for The Kris Fade Show’s Job Watch and we could be calling you back,” it added.

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