Pinay nurse speaks up amid flak on privacy issues on selfie with late president George H.W. Bush

A Filipina nurse in the United States came forward to clarify the story behind her viral photo with the late president George H.W. Bush.

The said photos show Vilma Acosta Bilogan Saldivar standing beside a hospital bed with Bush and his son, former US president George W. Bush.

According to a report by ABS-CBN North America News Bureau, the said photo became controversial when a netizen named Jun Latonio posted it on Facebook saying that Saldivar was the nurse who took care of the former US president during his final days.

However, Saldivar denied this rumor and said through a Facebook message to ABS-CBN that the viral photo was taken in 2012.

She originally posted it on her private Facebook account six years ago but a friend of a friend of hers re-posted the photo when the news about Bush’s passing broke out.

Saldivar said that she never worked as the former president’s private nurse and that she only works in the hospital where Bush would usually get treated.

The Filipina nurse also said that she was given permission by the then-first family to post the picture, which was taken by Bush’s personal aide, on social media.

Saldivar also apologized for those who got confused with the false information and to those who got angry because of privacy issues.

She ended her message by saying that she still has her job.

Bush, the 41st president of the United States, died at age 94 in Houston. He had a form of Parkinson’s disease that forced him to use a wheelchair in later years of his life.

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