Free WiFi for UAE residents until Dec. 9

In celebration of the 4th UAE National Day, residents and expats will have an access to free Wi-Fi connection if they connect to the ‘UAE WiFi by Etisalat’ network.

In a statement, Etisalat said that the offer began on November 30 and will end on December 9.

Residents and expats can connect to the network in public areas such as malls, cafes, beaches and parks.

“Customers will experience high speeds and superb quality free of charge across Etisalat’s WiFi network to exchange greetings, share photos, access social networking websites and surf online,” Etisalat said.

To connect to the network, follow the following steps:
– Open WiFi on your device
– Connect to ‘UAE WiFi by Etisalat’
– Register and provide valid mobile number where the four-digit PIN code will be sent.
– Log-in by entering your mobile number as the username and the PIN code as the password
– You will use the same username and PIN code in case you will re-connect to the network


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